Monday, 23 January 2012

update January

hey, i know, no animations posted in a month! i have been doing them just little ones that aren't worth putting up. I have also gotten very close to understanding the program some call "adobe after effects" so expect great things to come! (special effects) on a personal note, after turning 17 i decided i should i should have my G2 (if your not from Canada thats basically a full licence)
i have a tonne of video play throughs from skyrim, i may launch another channel to show my game plays, but i duno yet, i also have several new lizards, and a few eggs also so fingers crossed and maby ill have some to sell.
im sure this is littered with spelling errors but ill leave them because im so lazy id rather type this sentence than read what i have already typed.
anyways thanks once again random person for reading this, please leave a comment or sumting if you feel like it!